What Supports Oracle’s Cloud Strategy?

What Supports Oracle’s Cloud Strategy?

Oracle’s innovation in Data Security

Oracle’s innovation in Data Security

The key benefit of an autonomous system is eliminating or, at least reducing human error. For example, in cars, this means avoiding accidents and, in IT, it means eliminating user errors that give hackers access to important data. Oracle offers an integrative approach of database, infrastructure and IT services that conclude in much more safe, flexible, trustworthy, and cost-efficient than competing services.

Let’s break down their data security cloud strategy.

The two pillars: The Autonomous Database and Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Autonomous Database powers machine learning algorithms to upgrade, support, reinforce and tune the system without any human intervention. To allow consumers to learn about the Autonomous Database Oracle offers a trial program called Always Free that has two autonomous databases with 20 GB of capacity, two compute virtual machines with 1 GB of storage and GBs of archive and block storage.

What about customers who need to run their Oracle Autonomous Databases in their own data centers due to regulations or whatever reason? Oracle will offer Gen 2 Exadata from mid-2020, which works like the Oracle Database but in the public cloud.

Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure is on Gen 2, which has a main economic benefit: autonomous capability, reducing human error and practically eliminating human work for administrative responsibilities. What’s the benefit of the autonomous capability in data security? It protects data theft against impressively sophisticated hacking.

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What are clients looking for?

The components of their infrastructure services are three: compute, network, and storage. But businesses are not only interested in features separately, they also want to know how the cloud service components will work with their platforms to upgrade their operations.

So there is a set of vital questions businesses usually make. Is a cloud service more reliable and trustworthy? Well, security is the top reason why people move to the cloud and has the real capacity to expand business swiftly, and without much effort or friction.

For most businesses designing data centers and managing services is cost-prohibitive and challenging considering the security, support, and management risks creating new IT environments in the business that come with this design. Companies like Oracle understand this and offer a strong set of infrastructure, platform, and SaaS offerings with services in public, hybrid, and private cloud with an approach that is significantly focused on a data security.

They achieve this emulating data center experiences with a virtual data center based in the cloud where companies can receive the same degree of operational control, safety, and isolation that they may expect from an on-premises data center. They have an integrated IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS strategy approaching them as parts of their cloud platform. That’s why they consider the cloud platform to be the base of their unified approach to data security and cloud strategy.

This allows them to run all of their PaaS and SaaS features on an infrastructure and data platform that shows important navigation consistency throughout all of their services. This allows them to integrate new services on their platform, instead of presenting them in isolation.