Update COVID-19



Information and updates for Atlantis University administrators, staff and students.

The following information and references have been added to our website in order to keep personnel and students from Atlantis University alike informed about the current CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) status and pending contingency plans to deal with action deemed necessary to provide guidance based on advice from official government sources, updates for the COVID-19 and decisions by Atlantis University Board of Directors.

Also, to inform all our stakeholders what action we are taking and when they will be implemented to protect their health and welfare. Updates of contingency plans such as, switching all our classes to online or distance delivery, restrict access and on-campus services to both school, etc.; will be forthcoming. Please check this site as often as possible to stay informed, information will be shared and updated as necessary on our website and social media platforms.

Links for US official websites to stay informed and up to date:

Resources from Government Partners:

“Stay tune, stay informed, stay safe”