How will Bonjoro Leverage 5G for better customer-oriented service?

How will Bonjoro Leverage 5G for better
customer-oriented service?

When you receive a one-size-fits-all email from a company, you don’t open it. You just select the 3 or 4 emails you may have received and send them to the trash bin.

Would that be the case if, for example, you were interested in a Pilates membership, and you received a customized video addressing your questions about the membership? Probably not.

That’s what Bonjoro is aiming at. Bonjoro is a company launched in 2017 that uses 5G connectivity to produce personalized videos for customers.
Why is that important? Because it shows you care. It’s a basic principle of a customer-oriented strategy that integrates marketing and service-providing.
What justifies Bonjoro’s existence? The fact that there is a breach in the market. The harsh reality that email business comms are not doing their job. They are impersonal, and we are in the era of personalization and customization, which leads people to ignore them quickly. According to some studies, the average open rate for business chain emails is 37 %. That means they are far away from achieving their goal.

That’s where Bonjoro gets in. With 5G technology, they can produce personalized videos for customers. The topic? Whatever you wish: questions about products, customer assistance, general information, discounts, etc.

However, how can you make that possible? It depends on basically four factors: speed of recording, uploading, and streaming the video and the location of the business and the customer.

Bonjoro works way better for small businesses

Thus, Bonjoro works way better for small businesses as they have a smaller customer base and, hence, can handle it in a much more personalized manner. However, 4G connectivity may not be enough for doing the job. For example, slow response times may hinder some operations, and using GIFs as video preview may be somewhat difficult.

But Bonjoro seems to be looking ahead of its time. In fact, the idea of personalized video email responses is not new. The people behind Bonjoro were also behind Verbate, a market research initiative that uses mobile video. So, yes, Bonjoro’s initiative may be a bit hard today due to connectivity issues but looking ahead… It seems like the way to go.

We are in an era where customer-oriented services need personalization. The ways companies communicate with their customers through email haven’t changed significantly in this century. And the rise of 5G may pave the way for these kinds of improvements.

Initiatives like Bonjoro help small businesses to balance the field between smaller businesses and large corporations. Yes, large brands sell status, but smaller businesses can sell personalization, which also causes a significant impact. And that personalization can come in many different ways: personalized email responses, ultra-fast customer service, etc.

No matter how it goes, one thing is for certain: The 5G era will transform the way businesses and customers relate to each other, enabling more personal interactions and helping businesses to have much more one-on-one relationships with their customers. Bonjoro is just one of the first few steps toward this radical transformation.