How have CEOs responded to the coronavirus pandemic?

How have CEOs responded to the coronavirus pandemic?

Todd Herman studied how CEOs are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen how COVID-19 suddenly forced the entire world to change their daily routine. In most Western countries, businesses and shops all over the place are being forced to shut down, not knowing when they will reopen.

Sure, for some people, it’s perfectly fine. They can work from their homes during the quarantine and have Zoom video calls. But what about the people who only can look ahead? What about the ones who run big businesses with thousands of workers and dependents?

Let’s take a closer look at what the CEOs around the world are doing to smash public fears and keep going.

Are they worried?

Yes, they do worry! They are humans with family and loved ones, too. But they use their worry as a motivation to keep going and finding answers faster.

Todd Herman, a peak-performance coach, studied what CEOs are doing during the coronavirus outbreak. He mentioned that keeping up with the news and the latest advancements is a key factor. And with so many countries suffering, so many labs working on a cure, and so many politicians not knowing what to do, it is incredibly hard.

But high-performance CEOs find a way to do it. They are more likely to know, for example, how South Korea or Taiwan responded to the coronavirus. Taiwan is considered by experts to have had the fastest, smartest, and most measured response in the world. Despite the incredibly close location to China, it has a dramatically low number of cases when compared to other nations.

Another notable attitude is they are working on how to keep selling their products or continue to deliver their services by changing or shifting them. Furthermore, they are working on how to help the authorities and make a positive change for their clients, workers, and societies during the crisis.

Moreover, they are continuously changing their teams and keeping them in constant communication and informed about the present and future perspectives of their companies. Their conversations revolve around “action,” “opportunity,” “merge,” and “buy” because they see the outbreak as an opportunity to start other businesses and hire more talented people. But it’s tough to keep your team motivated during such a situation, so they are working hard on it.

How do they do it? They keep their eyes on the future. The present is tough, but sooner than later it’ll pass. Likewise, it’s going to bring more possibilities for remote work and hiring freelancers and people around the world. They seek to bring calm messages to their crew, with solid communication in terms of growth, sustainability, and opportunities.

So, in conclusion, what are CEOs doing, according to Todd Herman? First, they don’t consume news that fuel fear or negativity on social media. They focus on the news about advancements and companies that are positively dealing with coronavirus. Even as they are aware that the development of their companies is going to decrease, and there might be an economic crisis looming ahead, they talk about opportunity and growth to keep themselves and their teams moving towards sustainability.