Distance Education

Distance Education / Online Division

Atlantis University understands and supports the educational needs of adult learners and those who cannot attend in-campus classes. Therefore, a Distance Education Division has been developed. The Online Classes at Atlantis University are not easy substitutes for in-campus classes; they are as rigorous and as demanding as in-campus classes.

And all rules and regulations of the University are enforced equally for in-campus and online students. One of the many benefits of online classes is the convenience and flexibility of the schedule in which the student can take his/her courses; but attendance is required and monitored for computing final grades. Online students at Atlantis University receive an orientation course to introduce them to the University’s online platform, the different tools they will be using as they progress in their courses, and all the resources available to them. All online students are expected to be computer-literate and familiar with the internet prior to orientation.

There are different levels of programs offered through the Online Division at Atlantis University. Expected learning outcomes and completion requirements for these programs are identical to those in the in-campus programs.

Prerequisites for Admission in Distance Education

Prerequisites for Admission in Distance Education

Admission requirements for distance education programs are identical to admission requirements for in-campus programs. Additionally, students must demonstrate the ability to succeed in an online web-based educational environment and are expected to be computer literate and familiar with the internet prior to enrollment.

An assessment is given during the admissions process to evaluate the student’s abilities in such areas as computer literacy, self-discipline, motivation, and the requirements for successful completion of online courses. Additionally, to assess the student’s computer and internet skills and proficiency, an orientation and assessment is also given to the students prior to enrollment. Students scoring low proficiency results in their assessment are referred to the Online Academic Director for further review and orientation prior to starting an academic program via Distance Education.